Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Affan Red Rangers

Arini aku berjaya menambah koya Affan terhadap Power Rangers. OMG! Dia sgt obsess ngan Power Rangers Samurai. Everyday tgk dekat 7 episod. Duk ulang yg sama je

Risau gak takut dia belasah kwn2 kat skul. Dulu dh ada kes. Now dh matured sket, and I gave him few strict warnings. So dh x gedebe dh hehe

I wanted to buy him the PRS mobile telephone yg hero2 tu guna utk transform from human to PRS. Try la tgk dlm youtube camne Rangers tu transform hehe. Masa otw jln kaki ke Smyths Toys pon dia dh hepi bukan kepalang. Jln kaki sambil menari tergedik2. Skali ternmpak lak pedang samurai rangers. Apa lg, dia letak blk telephone tu and terus grabbed the sword. Terus "Daddy, lets pay this to aunty" sambil tunding jari kat minah cashier. dengan paksa rela daddy pon swipe kad kredit n claim VAT refund haha

So enjoy la browsing gambar Affan yg makin koya ni

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ireland vs Czech Rep.

Whats up??! Ape cer on 29th Feb? Happy leap year! Anyway, Apiz n Muhad managed to get us some tickets to watch this friendly match kat Aviva Stadium. (Thanks guys!) Its basically a preparation and get-a-mood match for Euro 2012. Honestly it was quite a boring match. Nasib baik bleh tgk few football stars in action like Keane, O'shea and Baros from Czech (Thanks Adi for the brief LoL) and I enjoyed the 'wave' made by supporters hehe

It started 7.45pm and ended 9pm. Our seats best gak. Dpt bucu kat corner padang. Nak update fb or tweet was not easy. Mana ada connection dlm stadium, ok. There were 37,000 ppl.

The result, 1-1. Boring kan? -_-

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Wife cooks ketam. And credit to Shah for bringing the budu all the way from Kelate

Friday, February 17, 2012

Boxee Box

Received my latest gadget today. Nak pi smayang jumaat lak. Tak sabar nk terus balik rumah to play around with it. Abis la tak khusyuk smyg hehe

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TT before fly

Lepak all boys before we fly to London this Saturday. Sambil2 nk tgk apa yg bleh godek laptop Abe Yur yg makin saban hari makin parah. From 9pm till 11pm lepak McD O'Connell then tukar port McD Grafton lak. Haha and Fendi joined us later. Ended kul 3am haha. Lepak gila babeng punya

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colloquium MyPSI 2012

So kolokium ni started n ended successfully yesterday. It was quite tiring but fun. Letih sebab asyik makan je hehe. Kredit to rezza n muntaz for the cookings. Nasi ayam kome adalah terbaek. And I was glad to see friends from far far away i.e Cork (Meor) and Khaironi (all the way from Malaysia but stays in Limerick for temporary). It was held kat Malaysia Hall, Dublin. I came alone, just nk tolong apa yg patut n meriahkan majlis je. Ika n Affan duk rumah, since ika byk students' lab reports yg kena marking. Damn those demo

Well it started from 9.30am which was breakfast with Dato Ramli, then Doa from Al-Fadhil Ustaz Abdul Hadi 40 hari, then few opening speeches from President Som Pong and Dato. Later, Dato spent an hour listening to our 1st presentor, Aisyah from University of Limerick. Ternganga Dato dengar aisyah goreng habis2an. I'm for sure x paham ape yg aisyah citer. I think Anwar (her husband) didnt even know what she was talking about lol. Too complex with all the molecules, atoms, assymetry bonding, 0.7 Armstrong etc.. mana den nk paham. Citer psl overclock SGS2 or jailbreak iphone boleh la

And I think deep inside Dato's heart, he feels proud to see anak Malaysia berjaya di perantauan hehe. He asked few questions, showing his interest on aisyah's work

Next presentor was Mohabbatul Zaman. But Dato has to leave to attend other event hehehe. I'm gonna skip this part

Adi yg senyum tersipu2 dgr Zaman present

Then we continued with Najmuddin, where he talked a few about his results and showed us some demo regarding his wireless sensors. Pretty cool though. I like his presentation most, coz its about gadgets lol

Next was Som Pong, he talked about peat land. Very insteresting. His talk was supposed to be 20min but these audience asked so many Qs about JKR and development houses, jalan berlubang etc. We had big laugh. Kelakar ngan perangai depa ni

Lunch took place around 2pm. Lepas smyg zohor n asar, smbung balik presentation from Sebu. He talked bout Genetic, stem cells, disease, etc. Very interesting. Tapi masa tu perut dh kenyang, dan aku pon dh start nk terlelap.

Zurina handled the next session, more to tutorial about how to use those complex features in Microsoft Words to write thesis. Its damn good. I never knew! Tak sangka byk lg features dlm Words tu. Yg aku tau numbering, open n save file. lol

Tunku Salha ended this event with her tutorial on how to use End Note and where to get it. I recorded it with my phone. Balik rumah bleh tunjuk kat Ika

We went downstair , smyg Maghrib jemaah, baca yasin n tahlil, and smyg isyak. Then dinner nasi goreng sambal belacan with telur goreng. Another meal terbaek from Rezza.

Lepas kemas2 Malaysia Hall, sesi fotograf jap then balik. Thank to Azan sudi tumpangkan kete

Friday, February 10, 2012


Just received mhl cable 2 days ago. This is what he does. Nuff said